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This was made in 48 hours for the LD 40, my firste ever. And it's a little buggy.

In this game you're an homeless dude named Terry, who's getting chased by the cops, and you'll have to survive the longest time possible ; you live in a dystopian world, a great, great city(at first it was rooms with buildings generated randomly, but i screwed up the script so now it's just a big city) filled with drugs, rubbish, strange black creatures infesting the streets, and redneck families doing barbecues on rooftops. 

Terry knows he's gonna die ; this dystopian police is no joke. So, he's gonna fill the world with anarchy, eating the trash bin's garbage, stealing drugs to the city's population, and even eating little kid's raw meat from their barbecue. 

So, we could say that this game takes the platform game from a fatalist point of view ; Whatever action terry does, he finishes by starving, getting cuffed, etc. Terry is like 'carpe diem' because he's homeless, he have a nice beard and most importantly he don't give a f-.

Sriously, the game's not tremendous, i upload it just so I won't have spent a weekend driking soda in front of a screen for nothing. And I can assure, by the name of Terry's soul, that the next Ludum will be far greater.

But by now, I present to you guys : The Harsh Life of Terry the Homeless Dude, made after a harsh jam, with harsh efforts.

Eat trash cans and get the best score evar ! (there are surprises if you get a big score, like an authentic eurobeat chiptune, but I won't spoil.)

Install instructions

Download the game, extract the zip if you want, it works well while loading from winrar too. Playing on a 16:9 or anything closer to this kind of format is adviced, so the text won't be cut off.Have fun !


TheHarshLifeOfTerry0.3_WINDOWS.zip 62 MB
TheHarshLifeOfTerry0.3_MAC.zip 37 MB

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