A downloadable game for Windows


Made in 48 hours for the LD 41.

Goal :

Reach the end of the level the quickiest way possible !

Controls :

Move Yourself : WASD / Arrow Keys

Classic movment here. When the camera's changing, you can keep running with Right Arrow or run with Forward Arrow if you want.

Jump : Spacebar / Keypad_0 

You can jump, double-jump, wall-jump by sticking to a wall, and even project yourself by jumping on an enemy bullet.

Dash : Left Click / Keypad_.

Makes yourself invincible for a short amount of time while moving in your last-faced direction.

Change Camera View : Right Click / Right Ctrl

Switch from FPS view to Platformer view, and vice versa. You can't keep platformer view for ever, your curse will switch you back to FPS ! Switch cleverly to use both view's advantages at the right moments !

R : Restart

Restart the level, at the end of the awful text-filled tutorial. Simple.

About the game :

It's a game about some dude living in his 2D platformer world, who then get revealed the truth : His world is fake, it's just pixels and 2D boxes.Long story short, he's cursed, and sees in 3D in his platformer, and life's much less simple in a platformer when you got a first person camera.

So basically it's a platformer, with enemies shooting at you, thorns which can hurt you, platforms, stuff to regain life, etc etc, but you have a "2D Camera Level" which is lowering down constantly, and when it's at 0, your view switch to first-person 3D.

You have to get to the end of the level and reach the bad guy to win the game, but be careful, as it's pretty hard. Controls are explained on my LD 41 game page, or with ugly text boxes at the start of the level (sorry for that, didn't got enough time on my hands to do a better tutorial)

Links :

Web Browser version (can lag !): https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/710248

The LDJAM page : https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/test-3

My twitter, if you wanna say hello : https://twitter.com/lautregars_

Install instructions

Download, extract, execute the executable, and experience a 48-hours homemade little game :)


BetweenDimensionsCompo.zip 22 MB

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